Throne Of Antiquity

by Araphel

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Spirit This has to be one of the best albums by this group. A balance of light and dark is finely tuned here. A true magnum opus of dark ambient for those who seek to look inward and find a sanctity of darkness. Bravo! Favorite track: Elevated Beyond The New Vessel Of The Cosmic Body.
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-Beyond The Altar of Voidance lies the majestic Throne of Antiquity. Where only the wizards of old, who surpass the mortal yoke, have studied the lunar and mystical aspect of our creation. Wizards, whose abilities are cultivated, are realized through divine astral workings from our ancestors of the Throne, gave us enlightenment and cosmic wisdom to reach them-


Enter another engrossing chapter from Araphel. This story is centered on those of the cloth who have harnessed the wisdom and transcend the Altar of Voidance, through divine astral workings of our ancestors, Wizards under the school of thought concerned with the mystic and lunar aspect of our creation.

The relationship between the Divine spirits of antiquity and the cosmos is explored. Scriptures and portals now discovered outside of our teachings of old exist, with knowledge of entities in our universe with hidden purpose.

Our inner mind holds the laws of a higher plane of existence, expanding the universe we have thought to fully understand.

Bound by the cloth, we are gathered. The Moonlight shines, exposing our cultivated powers. We enter realms and portals unknown to mortal existence. A throne in a sea of stars sits within the cosmic eye. A new vessel is born into a new cosmic body, It reigns beyond the altar at the throne. Seeking to consume all divine essence across the canvas of space, given a powerful force older than darkness. We rise to reach the throne of antiquity. At the altar, we study the cryptic symbols that warn of a violent end within the ocean of stars, our doorway towards the astral gateway is soon to be closed..


released August 9, 2017

Cover Art By Tainted Bloodline Designs.


all rights reserved



Cephalopagus Records

Cephalopagus Records is a label specializing in dark, Space, horror and ritual ambiance.

Founded by Dark Ambient composer Araphel, and Graphic Designer/Dark Ambient composer Gregg Stockdale (Tainted Bloodline Designs/Hag Of The Tattered Vestments) as an outlet for their combined visions of bleak and remote ambient music.
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